Music as a tool for cognitive stimulation

The virtues of music are nowadays recognised by everyone, especially in terms of leisure and entertainment. However, music also has remarkable advantages in terms of cognitive stimulation. Apart from being a vector of emotions that makes us laugh and cry, discover how music acts on our brain.
Music enhances auditory memory

Studies conducted by Jonathan Bolduc, an associate professor at the University of Ottawa in the Faculty of Education, have shown that adults who studied music at a young age develop better auditory memory. The results of these studies are currently approved by the scientific community. His observation has therefore shown that learning music helps develop memory skills. Therefore, choose a simple instrument such as the tongue drum to start learning music.

Music in learning

According to Jonathan Bolduc, learning music has an impact on the ability to think abstractly from an early age and origin of tongue drum. In other words, activities carried out while learning music, such as listening and rhythmic games, allow children to develop their phonological awareness. Children who have studied music are thus more coordinated, more accurate in the execution of movements, because their motor skills have been stimulated. Music is therefore a very good tool to allow children to develop their awareness and their ability to both perceive and understand, from early childhood.
Music and our brain

When we listen to music, it acts deep inside our brain. Whether it is simple listening or practice, music creates activities that connect several cortical circuits. This is why learning or practicing music regularly is good for memory and brain plasticity, but also for relieving anxiety. Its benefits are therefore not limited to making us feel good.

On the other hand, recent studies have also shown that people with Alzheimer's can learn to remember through music and singing. Indeed, it has been found that their musical memory is still functioning, and that they enjoy making music very much.

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